We work to offer the best attention and experience that the client
 can find in the market and consolidate GILSA as a world-class
 company specialized in decorative materials in the construction 
industry. Below are some of our most important values that GILSA represents:

  • Honesty
  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Excellence in Service 

We’re always working to be identified as the best company in our industry.



Mosaicos Reyneros S.A. de C.V was established for the sale of floors and tiles by Mr. José I. Villarreal in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo León.


José I. Villarreal and Children

Mosaicos Reyneros S.A. de C.V was established for the sale of floors and tiles by Mr. José I. Villarreal in the city of Monterrey, Nuevo León.


Family Tradition

The commercialization of floors and tiles becomes a family tradition, resulting in the beginning of GILSA. Offering complete solutions in the field of decorative construction.


Opening of GILSA Santa Engracia

Four years later, the GILSA expansion began, with the opening of GILSA Santa Engracia located in the municipality of San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León.


Inauguration of GILSA National Road


Opening of GILSA Fleteros

A GILSA location is available in the main points of the city and opens the doors of GILSA Fleteros.


Inauguration of GILSA San Jerónimo

Continuing with the idea of growth, GILSA San Jerónimo is established.


GILSA Projects

GILSA Projects is born, a division responsible for serving professional accounts at the national level.


Socially Responsible Company and Inauguration of GILSA Barragán

GILSA joins the select group of companies awarded the distinctive ESR “Socially Responsible Company” designation. In the same year, GILSA Barragán was opened in the municipality of Escobedo, where the company’s main Distribution Center is established, with more than 800,000 m2 of inventory.


Natural Stones

GILSA expands into in marble and granites.


Gilsa Saltillo

GILSA Saltillo opens, the first branch outside Nuevo León.


GILSA Calzada del Valle

With a boutique concept, GILSA opens its seventh store, located in Calzada del Valle.


Internationalization of GILSA

With a vision towards internationalization, GILSA begins the construction of its first store outside of Mexico, located in San Juan, Texas, with Showroom + Retail concept.


GILSA University

During this year, GILSA University was born, a training center with a theoretical-practical focus, located in GILSA Barragán.


GILSA Design Awards

We begin the GILSA Design Awards, the first university competition where young entrepreneurs carry out a professional project, on a real scale and in a competitive environment.


GILSA Linda Vista

Opening of GILSA Linda Vista.


GILSA Masaryk

Se abre la primera tienda GILSA en Ciudad de México.


GILSA Cumbres Elite

Se inaugura la tienda GILSA Cumbres Elite en Monterrey Nuevo León.


GILSA División del Norte

Inauguración de nuestra segunda tienda en Ciudad de México.


GILSA Garza Sada

Se inaugura la tienda GILSA Garza Sada en Monterrey Nuevo León.

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